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Article: My Favorite Frame TV art from Etsy

My Favorite Frame TV art from Etsy

Of course I resisted the urge to put a TV over the fireplace in our house when we were designing and building. Surely we could fit it into a cabinet, or designate a smaller sitting area for it. Did it really need to be the focal point of the house? And frankly...the answer was yes. My husband is a huge sports fan. I knew this when I married him, so giving him the ability to have his games on (on mute!) while still being a part of everything else going on in the house was important. Plus, mounting the TV above the fireplace allowed for a symmetrical set of bookcases on either side which appeases my Virgo sensibilities. I love The Frame TV because when the TV is off, it really does just look like another piece of art on the walls. 

I love changing up things like pillows, candles, music and throw blankets to match the vibe of the season. Now that I've really begun to invest in art our walls don't change that much, but part of what I love about our Frame TV is the ability to change up the art easily. The rhythm of our home's is pretty in tune with seasonal changes - from summer fun and kids running in and out of the house sweaty from camp, sandy from the beach, dripping wet from the pool with the Red Sox game on..

Into the grounding feeling of fall when it all starts to settle, the smoke from the fire on the patio wafts through the open screen door through which we run out to take a dip, but then quickly curl up with a blanket to watch the Patriots...

Then winter, when we're all a bit slower, settling in and snuggling for shows in front of the fire when it gets dark at 4 pm, with the twinkling of the Christmas tree and the joy of togetherness..

and here we are in Spring with the fresh bright sun pouring through the windows, small buds on the trees, excitement for a big change on the precipice of getting out of school measured by the quiet commentary accompanying the opening golf tournaments and tennis matches...

Anywho, that got poetic quickly. Back to the TV - it comes with a set of preloaded art, but the good stuff is on Etsy. There, you can search for Frame TV art and find whatever suits YOUR home's style, season, etc. You download the file and then upload it to your TV and voila! 

I have spent WAY too much time searching for good options on Etsy, there are so many to choose from. So I figured maybe I could round up some of my favorites to save you the time. 

Here they are! Click on the image to be taken to the Etsy page.












modern / fun / kids space



 Let me know if you end up using one! I would love to see.


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