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Article: Nantucket Reds

Nantucket Reds

Nantucket Reds

I don't actually shop that much when I visit Nantucket. I always plan on it, but the time slips by like sand through my fingers and I end up prioritizing long beach days and meeting up with friends. But there are a few mainstays I pop into.  Each summer I go into Murray's Toggery for the next size up in Nantucket Reds for my kiddos.

Beyond its obvious appeal as the unofficial trademark color of the island, Nantucket red is a soothing color to my eye and conjures the spirit of late August days when our skin and our clothes have spent the summer beneath the sun's rays.

We recently had family photos taken in our home and I thought it would be cute to incorporate some reds into our outfits to play against the strong blue and white vibe I currently have going on. 

In the planning, I hopped onto amazon to see what I could find to have delivered quickly for the shoot that would vibe with the Nantucket red theme. Certainly not the same as a trip into Murrays after a couple mudslides, but I've rounded up some cute Nantucket red finds here, all these and more can be found on my amazon storefront!


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