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Article: Tuckernuck Sample Sale x Art History

Tuckernuck Sample Sale x Art History

Tuckernuck Sample Sale x Art History

Have you seen the trend of visiting museums dressed as favorite paintings? I've been dying to do one at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but I just don't have the right outfit yet. Now, every time I am shopping for clothes I can't help but keep an eye out for pieces that go with art I know is at the MFA. 

I decided to shop the popular Tuckernuck Sample Sale a little differently this year through the lens of art history. Here are my pics! I hope you enjoy, and find something that inspires you.


Alexander Calder, Black Butterfly


Calder Inspired Selection from Tuckernuck


Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus


Botticelli Inspired Selections from Tuckernuck





Henri Matisse, The Painter's Family


Matisse Inspired Selections from Tuckernuck

Red Francoise Mod Mini Dress

Charlotte Terry Dress


Hyacinth Medallion Beaded Jamie Dress


Mary Cassatt, Child Picking a Fruit


Cassatt Inspired Selections from Tuckernuck

Lilac Floral Krizia Dress


Mark Rothko, Blue Green and Brown


Rothko Inspired Selection from Tuckernuck

Brocade Makenna Duster Dress




Marcel Marceau, drawing


Marceau Inspired Selections from Tuckernuck

Navy and White Millie Coat Dress

Blue Julia Striped Tee


Breakfast at Tiffanys 

Holly Go Lightly Inspired Selections from Tuckernuck

Khaki Long Sleeve Chamberlin Dress 

Merritt Knit Dress


Tortoise Sunglasses


Claude Monet, Water Lilies 

Mont Inspired Selection from Tuckernuck

Duchess Gracen Dress


David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist


Hockney Inspired Selection from Tuckernuck

Del Mar Disco Marlowe Dress


De Playa Stripe Retro Pool Ring


Del Mar Disco Hutton Dress


Max Libermann, Tennis Game by the Sea


Lieberman Inspired Selection from Tuckernuck

White and Fresh Buds Tennis Skirt


White Robin Sport Dress


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