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Article: Last Minute Mother's Day Round Ups

Last Minute Mother's Day Round Ups

I love shopping in person whenever I can. I love the social aspect, supporting local businesses, and the tactile experience of it all. 

But let's be honest, sometimes, you just gotta get it done online and with two day shipping. Just because things are ordered off Amazon doesn't meant they aren't quality and certainly doesn't inhibit your ability to gift them artfully. If you have to send the gift directly, so be it. But send it to yourself if you can, then add something local & fresh - flowers from Beach Plum Florist, a bottle of wine and a snack from Joppa Fine foods and some beautiful packaging. Write a card. Get mushy. Mean it.

I've seen a big movement away from "linking" from some content creators. I get that! Boo big business, yay small business. I own a micro business. My product isn't scalable or whole-salable. But as someone with a small online presence that consistently supports businesses of all sizes, I love doing these little round ups and stepping out of my tiny niche.

Part of it is the curating - I get to play boutique after a long day of manual labor making beds and meals and baskets and walking dogs and cleaning dishes and drawing baths and wiping tears and kissing booboos.

Part of the fun comes from the artistic collaging of the board. Like cutting out pages from Seventeen and making a mood board, or Town and Country if you were born an adult like myself.

And yes, part of it is the 1% commission I get from being an "Amazon Influencer." For the 42 purchases made through my links since I started, I have made around $17 dollars! I promise the Frapppaccinos I've splurged on in my last few weeks of pregnancy have been worth every hour I spend making these. 

Anyway, without further ado... if you're still looking for a gift for your mom, might I suggest any of the following linked on my amazon storefront.


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