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Article: Wedding Guest Packing List - Palm Beach Edition

Wedding Guest Packing List - Palm Beach Edition

Wedding Guest Packing List - Palm Beach Edition

We are adding in a bonus spring break trip this year to travel to Florida for our friends' wedding festivities! We fell in love with this couple last spring when we reconnected at a mutual friends wedding in Montauk and then spent time in Nantucket together over the summer. Obviously, wherever I travel my baskets make an appearance. But the synergy between Nantucket and Palm Beach and the couples' connection to both inspires me to bring some of my fancier more decorative pieces to pair with each outfit. 

Here's a look at what I will be bringing. All items, or similar, linked on my amazon storefront!



Town - 

I can't wait to explore Palm Beach! Inspired by the bright, fun, whimsical aesthetic of the street scenes I will be packing a Lily Pulitzer dress, some classic pearl earrings and low profile white sneaks. This is an outfit my mom would have packed for me when I was a child, but hey, classics are classics. Lily epitomizes Palm Beach style in my mind, but plays nicely with a nod to New England style with the pairing of a Nantucket Basket Cuff Bracelet and/or Barrette. I didn't select a bag to go with this outfit, I presume I'll acquire enough shopping bags to carry as I weave in and out of stores.

Welcome Drinks - Palm Beach Chic

I hesitated to tell my friend, the bride to be, when I found out I was pregnant. We had been so excited to reunite and celebrate her wedding since our summer of fun between Montauk and Nantucket. When I did tell her I assured her I would still be down to party! I want my outfit to convey the same as we reunite at the Welcome Drinks event. I found this bright, fun off the shoulder dress on Amazon. It looks roomy enough to accommodate the growing belly, and the fun pink pattern and excess fabric will keep the eye from focusing on the fact that I'm expecting lol. For extra fun factor, I'll pair it with these large Nantucket Basket Hoops, platform sandals and clutch.

Wedding - Black Tie Encouraged

I played with the idea of a beautiful Cara Cara dress my friend designed, but ultimately decided the beautiful print, excess fabric with my excess body at this point was too much. I found this classic one shoulder dress on amazon, and will size up to accommodate le bebe. Drawing the eye up with some oversized shell earrings with a drop pearl, gold sandals, and a classic Nantucket Basket Purse. A friendship purse! To our Nantucket friends wedding. How apt!

Sunday Brunch - come as you are

I plan on wearing this loose knit striped dress, dressed up with chunky gold earrings and sandals. I foresee needing lots of hydration so will be toting my Nantucket Basket Ice Coffee Koozie.  

Beach - 

Our kids will be joining us on this trip so in between official events we'll be beaching. I'll spare you my maternity swim picks (for now). But I am excited about this long Oxford style beach coverup I found. I stole a similar Ralph Lauren Oxford from my dad's closet that for years I wore as a beach coverup until it ultimately ripped in the wash. This reminds me of that vintage piece, with some extra length for coverage which will allow us to stop in for a quick smoothie or sandwich between the house and the beach. I can also see wearing this partially buttoned with white jeans and the platforms. I'm pairing this with my Nantucket Basket Cuff Necklace adorned with a white acrylic whale tail.  


I still need to pack for the kids and my husband, but I feel more confident about the trip knowing that I have some pieces that will work with me instead of against me. 

Have you been to Palm Beach? Any recommendations for what to see/eat/do? Would love to hear your suggestions. Send me a message, or comment below!




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