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Article: Spring Break Packing List - KIDS EDITION

Spring Break Packing List - KIDS EDITION

Spring Break Packing List - KIDS EDITION

I've rounded up a few of the things I'll pack for my kiddos for our upcoming trip that I think will keep them happy, comfortable, and looking good for any snapshots. Side note: I feel like one of the most under talked about aspects of the mental load for parents (read: moms) is the pressure to pack clothes for vacation that the kids will be comfortable in but that will also make for cute family photos.

Whenever we travel I like to get them a few little fun new things that get them excited as we embark. For this trip They'll get a little bag with Joy Street Kids Palm Beach jammies, new rope bracelets, a pair of sunnies, hat, and sunscreen. Joy Street Kids makes the SOFTEST pima cotton clothing adorned with Eliza's charming thematic drawings. They're such a fun way to celebrate little holidays and trips (we love our Nantucket ones). 


All items or similar linked on my amazon storefront!

Big Kid - Boys

My son turned 8 and became a total bro-tato. I blame our Memorial Day trip to Nantucket, which coincided with Figawi, during which I had to drag him off the dance floor at Cisco. No clue where he gets that. He's gotten picky about what he wears but I have learned if I shop as if he is heading to rush a fraternity he's typically amenable to my choices. So, I'm including some fratagonia gear he already has, his Murray's red shorts and a flat brim off amazon. He plays HARD on the beach and we've learned the hard way to only wear these style baggies with a spandex style lining - these are from Fair Harbor.

 (click image for link to product)

Girls - 

For the Palm Beach vibes, I got my daughter a cute Lilly Pulitzer dress to match mine which I think (hope) she'll be excited about. This bright pink bow and flamingo and striped two piece bathing suit will be a fun way to celebrate our escape from the grey of New England during our visit to the Sunshine State. She's my only girly and I will stick a bow in her hair for as long as she'll allow me to! These are my favorite bows, from Wee One's. They stay in place and the bow keeps its shape nicely. They are available on amazon!



Toddler - 

I found these pull on seer sucker shorts and cute button down on amazon. I personally can't stand shorts with buttons so I won't subject him to them either! My littlest is randomly fair with blonde hair and blue eyes, so sun protection is even higher of mind when choosing his beach gear. I found this full coverage number on to help us limit the UV exposure. We'll also bring along Sun Bum sunscreen. We love Sun Bum! It goes on easily and doesn't irritate my kiddos skin. He is a mad man and full send anytime we're around the ocean/pool so he'll wear a puddle jumper at all times. This cute seer sucker puddle jumper cover will keep him looking like the cutie patootie he is in photos.





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